Sang-Woo Kim


 · Korea University (M.S. in Electrical Engineering)

 · Korea University (B.S. in Chemical Engineering)


 · Partner of PHIL & ONZI

 · Adviser, Center of New Intellectual Property, Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)

 · Expert Consultant, Seoul Business Incubation Center, Seoul Business Agency(SBA)

 · Expert Adviser for estimation of technology values, Korea Technology Finance Corporation(KIBO)

 · Instructor for Intellectual Property, Seoul Business Start-up School(SBA)

   IP Strategy Consultant, Korea Venture Business Association(KOVA)

 · Expert Adviser, Seoul Intellectual Property Center(RIPC)

 · Professional Coach for commercializing a business item, Korea Institue of Industtrial Technology(KITECH)

 · Expert Consultant, Global App Supporting Center, Korea Productivity Center(KPC)

Publication / Acivities

 · A study for developing novel power source unit to solve problems on periodic charging of secondary battery for mobile telephone(November, 1999)

 · Lectures on Intellectual Properties and Business Method Invention (Many Korean Companies, 1998-Present)


 · Korea Patent Attorneys Association



Communication-related inventions [Optical communication/mobile communication/data communication/ satellite communication]

Computer-related inventions [software/business methods (BM)]

Semiconductor-related inventions [Devices/ processes/equipment]

Flat panel display-related inventions [LCD/PDP/ EL]